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This is a revolution. It is time to awaken.


Welcome to your awakening


It has become a trend to expand your consciousness, open your third eye, and awaken; but what does that actually mean? And what kind of commitment is required to actually do so?

We have searched high & low for the answers. Such a mission required combing through a world of nescience to find only small glimmers of the truth hidden here and there.

Our search turned into a decade-long journey of epic proportions that led to the end of what we thought possible, to the end of our minds, to the end of perceived reality, even to the end of our own lives and back again, before we finally arrived upon the Truth.

Now we are here to share it all with you.

Inner Sun & Moon is a beacon of light—like a lighthouse—on your journey of awakening.

The key to truly awakening is a combination of living a natural lifestyle to clear the body of residual and on-going accumulation of toxins that have been clouding your perception of reality; alongside karma neutralizing, heart purifying spiritual practices + holistic therapies and bodywork treatments that heal past traumas physically, mentally, emotionally, and astrally.

Combined you have a clear cut path through the forest of confusion, suffering & struggle, that leads you to unparalleled peace, contentment, satisfaction, beauty, bliss & understanding.

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This is your path Home; you have arrived.

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Free Your beautiful Heart

Opening Anahata > > FREE mini course for unveiling the bliss in your heart with the golden light of the sun.


Restore balance & activate healing

Core Synchronism > > Holistic bodywork treatments that help expand your consciousness, restore balance to all physical & etheric structures in your body & activate your self-healing ability.


Open Your third Eye

Opening Ajna > > The definitive 3rd eye opening course that leads you step-by-step to a truly open & active 3rd eye.



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