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In other times, and in other places around the world, a postpartum period of healing and adjustment was expected and allowed. After the rigorous and demanding act of birth, it was considered critically necessary for the whole family—and for society at large—that a woman be given the first forty days to heal and rest. Other people in her community would feed her, nurture her, and take all responsibilities off her plate, so that she could focus on one thing only: transitioning healthily and happily from expectant woman to mother.
— Heng Ou, The First Forty Days

this is your divine calling


Somehow, we have forgotten the wise woman traditions of how to care for our mothers after birth in this society. Women receive beautiful care during pregnancy, labor, and birth; but after birth the care drops off drastically & a new mother is—for the most part—forgotten. She is expected to “bounce back” quickly from birth, returning to work & life’s duties as if nothing happened and without being honored with a chance to recover. This is not only detrimental to the mother & her newborn, but to society as a whole. It has become far too normal for new mothers to face feelings of serious overwhelm, depletion, anxiety, depression, colic in the baby, etc. For the most part, western medicine does not have a solution to these issues when they arise, beyond prescribing medication.

In other places around the world where a wisdom of post-birth mama and newborn care is still intact, we are not seeing these issues arise. In these places, a whole village arrives to surround the mother—to cook for her, clean for her, wrap her belly, give her warm oil massages and herbal baths, even changing the baby’s diapers so all she has to do is rest, recover, and fall in love with her baby. In places where mothers are being honored in this way after birth, we see women thriving. We see mothers bonding deeply with their babies and stepping into motherhood feeling strong, calm, replenished & joyful. It is every woman’s birthright to feel this way as she steps into motherhood, and it is every baby’s birthright to experience a sacred and gentle start to his/her life. My heart is heavy to see so many mothers having an experience after birth that is so vastly different from what they deserve.

There is a treasure of a solution in traditional Ayurvedic postpartum care. The 5000 year old system of health & longevity known as Ayurveda has intact + deeply beautiful techniques for caring for mother and newborn during the 42 days after birth that allow mama & baby to thrive in a way that seems nearly effortless. The techniques are simple, yet rich with beauty and history. They are things that everyone can do at home, given the right tools, knowledge, and support.

This is a calling to those who want to embody to the level of their bones, the wise woman wisdom of caring for a new mother and her newborn through traditional Ayurvedic postpartum care.

This is a calling for those who want to take part in bringing back a culture of post-birth mother and newborn care to the places that have lost it.

At this point in time, in this society, it is a rare privilege to know of the postpartum sacred window and to know at the level of your bones the wise woman wisdom of how to care for a new mother. We are joining here now to change that. We are joining here to change the story of overwhelm, exhaustion, isolation & defeat that so many new mother have to one of immense beauty and magic. It is going to take all of us, working together, to make this change, but the future of our mothers, children and society as a whole depends upon it, so that is worth everything.


Join leading natural mama & baby care specialist + women’s postpartum health advocate—Sarva Mangala Devi Dasi—in bringing back a culture of post-birth mother & newborn care


peace on earth begins with birth

wise woman

ayurvedic postpartum care certification Training & Mentorship


Create the birth work business of your dreams as you transform the lives of the mothers and babies you care for through the sacred art of Ayurvedic postpartum care.


Through this deep & beautiful training you will:

Become certified as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist while blooming into the vision you have for your business

Learn the nearly forgotten secrets of natural and Ayurvedic postpartum recovery that leave the mothers in your care feeling vibrant, beautiful, strong, calm, and grounded as they enter motherhood

Understand the causes behind common post-birth ailments like postpartum depression, anxiety, depletion, overwhelm, and colic in baby as well as the simple life-changing practices that can prevent these things from ever showing up in the first place or turn them around with amazing speed

Come to embody the wise woman traditions of proper new mother and baby care

Gain confidence in your role facilitating mama & baby’s sacred start to life

Build upon your unique skill set to be able to to start the birth work business of your dreams that is unlike any other one out there

Help bring peace to Earth, one mama and baby at a time

What you get in your Wise Woman training:

Part One: Foundations

16 x 1-hour one-to-one teaching/mentorship sessions over 8 weeks; long distance Skype or in-person sessions available

  • Sessions 1 & 2 || Overview of the postpartum Sacred Window & how to honor it through the Ayurvedic tradition + the principles of postpartum rest, mama & baby bonding & how to properly support it

  • Sessions 3, 4 & 5 || The principles of the Ayurvedic postnatal diet, recommended recipes & how to properly prepare them to support optimal post-birth recovery, hands on cooking practice & learning how to expertly make ghee

  • Sessions 6, 7 & 8 || The core Ayurvedic postpartum herbals and how to properly prepare them in traditional methods with hands on practice + the most valuable flower remedies, essential oils, homeopathics & western herbals for added layers of support

  • Sessions 9 & 10 || The principles of Ayurvedic postnatal body care, Ayurvedic belly wrapping, basic Ayurvedic self-massage, how to “cure” oil, how to choose herbal oils for massage & how to prepare herbal bath soaks & sitz baths with hands on practice

  • Sessions 11 & 12 || The principles of Ayurvedic newborn care, how to give & teach Ayurvedic baby massage, how to choose baby massage oils & how to bathe and make herbal baths for baby

  • Sessions 13 & 14 || How to troubleshoot and help turn around common postnatal ailments like colic or reflux in baby, lactation supply issues, mastitis, anxiety & depression + cesarean incision care and contraindications & precautions

  • Sessions 15 & 16 || Considerations for getting your birth work business started & moving + packaging up your sacred work & letting yourself be seen and respected

+ Up to 15 minutes weekly support via text as you work through at home hands-on assignments

+ On-going access to the private Instagram group where you can tune into periodic live Q&As, find and give inspiration while networking with other students, and receive support/community along your journey

Receive your Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist Certification upon completion of Part One + passing examinations

Part One Value: $16,000

Part Two | Bonus videos

6 x pre-recorded bonus classes available after completing Part One’s certification to deepen your wisdom & skill set when the timing is right for you

  • Bonus Video 1 || Ayurvedic Birth Preparation: The Traditional Ayurvedic Way To Prepare For Birth

  • Bonus Video 2 || Sacred Beginnings: Ayurvedic Traditions For The First Moments Of Baby’s Life

  • Bonus Video 3 || Ayurvedic Preparation Of Herbal Ghees

  • Bonus Video 4 || Ayurvedic Preparation Of Herbal Oils

  • Bonus Video 5 || Western Herbalism Preparation Of Herbal Oils

  • Bonus Video 6 || Using Warm Herbal Oil Basti To Support Postpartum Recovery

+ Receive promotion as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist on Inner Sun & Moon’s Instagram account & be recommended by Sarva to the mothers in your area

Part Two Value: $5000

Pay in Full Bonus

1 x 18-piece sacred flower essence set specially crafted for birth workers to support mamas and babies through pregnancy, birth & postpartum

1 x 2-hour one-to-one guidance in mastering the art of using your sacred flower essence set

Pay in full bonus value: $2300

Total program value: $23,300


4 spots available for this one-to-one mentorship program. The program will then be shifting to pre-recorded video classes & the price of one-to-one sessions with Sarva will be increasing.

Pay In Full: $4997 (SAVE $1750 + receive pay in full bonus: sacred flower essence set with one-to-one mastery guidance valued at $2300)

Payment Plan: $3373 upfront + 2 x $1687 consecutive monthly payments

At this time, we are not able to provide refunds. All sales are final.


Very limited spots available & filling quickly—