The Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Set

The Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Set


For all the powerful, strong, beautiful & brave mammas out there — a handcrafted, organic set of the Ayurvedic herbs & supplies recommended for optimal post-birth recovery delivered to your door + guidance & access to AyurDoula group support sessions.

The Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Set is a union of the practicalities of post-birth healing needs + the beauty that is so life-giving to a new mamma. Created from my heart to nourish and nurture your heart.
Xx Sarva

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Herbs & Homeopathics

Dashamula Womb Healing Tea blend, 8 oz / 42 day supply

Fennel Fenugreek Sweetwater Lactation Tea blend, 8 oz / 42 day supply

Shatavari Hormone Balancing Tincture, 1 oz

Ashwagandha Vitality & Strengthening Tincture, 1 oz

Arnica Sore Muscle, Pain, & Bruise Homeopathic Tincture, 1 oz

Engorgement Ease Homeopathic Tincture, 1 oz

Guduchi Mastitis Risk Reduction Herb Powder, 2 oz

Peaceful Help Vibrational Essence, 1 oz

Essential Oils

Pure Rose Otto Essential Oil for divinity + deep devotion, 2.3 ml

Helichrysum Essential Oil for deep peace (also beautiful for healing cesarean incisions), 5 ml

Lavender Essential Oil for deep relaxation, 10 ml

Patchouli Essential Oil for deep grounding, 5 ml

Frankincense & Rosewood Essential Oils for protecting mama and baby’s auric fields, 5ml each

Body Care

Brahmi-Rose Ayurvedic Herbal Massage Oil - sesame oil; sunflower oil; rose + brahmi herb; lavender, neroli, clary sage & geranium essential oils; 72 oz / 42 day supply

Restorative Herbal Bath Blend for full body soaking or perineal soothing - lavender flowers, rose petals & buds, ashoka bark, lemon balm, chamomile flowers, witch hazel bark, yarrow flowers, skullcap, passionflower, and uva ursi; 64 oz / 16 full baths or 32 sitz baths

Bath Salts for full body relaxation - Himalayan pink salt, magnesium flakes, lavender essential oil, desert willow, pink rose & white rose flower essences; 36 oz / 6 full baths

Brown Sugar Body Glow - brown sugar, jojoba oil, oak + plumeria flower essences, vetiver + ravensara essential oils; 16 oz

Ghee salve for soothing even the sorest of nipples, 1/2 oz

Neem Ghee for hemorrhoid relief, 1 oz

2 hot water bags (Fomentek brand) for easing sore muscles & cramps in belly and back

2 belly wrap cloths for daily belly wrapping - unbleached cotton muslin, measures 10 inches wide by 18 feet long


1 year access to our private Sacred Moon Mamma online group for weekly group AyurDoula support sessions and Q&As


Printed copy of Touching Heaven Postpartum RECIPES by Ysha Oakes

Postpartum kitchen stocking checklist


Printed copy of Touching Heaven Postpartum CARE by Ysha Oakes

Inner Sun & Moon’s Postpartum Guide details how to use all the medicine and supplies in your postpartum care set

Postpartum schedule to hang on your refrigerator for ease in creating and implementing your sacred fourth trimester

Payment plans are available through arrangement with Sarva during a free Sacred Motherhood Breakthrough Session.


Please expect 2 weeks for your package to be specially handcrafted for you before being shipped.

We currently ship everywhere in the United States via USPS for a flat rate of $7.20.