Ayurvedic Mother & Newborn Care

The first forty days after giving birth can be some of the hardest and yet most beautiful times of motherhood.

You don't have to go through it alone, and it can be made so much easier.

Ayurvedic postpartum care is the key.

Moon Jars

Delivery & Distance Ayurvedic Postpartum Care

includes --

M E D I C I N E  B O X

sweetwater lactation tea
cell regeneration tea
engorgement ease homeopathic
peaceful help flower essence
panchakola ghee
hormone balancing herb
brahmi rose mama massage oil
bala chamomile baby massage oil
medicinal bath soaks
2 hot water bags
& muslin belly wrap cloth


Ayurvedic postpartum guide
with how to's and recipes

O N E - T O - O N E  S U P P O R T

by phone or Skype

40 minute initial consultation
weekly 20 minute check ins
and troubleshooting

<< D E T A I L S >>

Medicine Box + Booklet // $330
Medicine Box + Booklet + One-to-One Support // $730

AyurDoula Postpartum Care

in-home Ayurvedic postpartum care for families in Denver CO

includes --

Postpartum services are offered in-home during the 6-8 weeks after birth.

AyurDoula Packages + Rates

for mother & baby's best start to life

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A La Carte Options

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