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Flower essences are vibrational remedies with no smell, meant to be taken internally (3 drops under the tongue, 3 times daily) for at least one full moon cycle or about 28 days.

All flower essences arrive to you in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle, preserved with vegetable glycerin which has a sweet taste.


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The Collection

Robert Stevens' Flower Remedies

Descriptions by Robert Stevens, ND, NTS, CCSP

Single Remedies
African Tulip Tree helps nature restore balance from trauma during childhood. These intense mental, emotional, and physical disturbances caused a loss of the sense of the emerging self in childhood. African Tulip Tree fosters an inner environment which allows the collapsed child to reemerge into the structure of the ego.

Agave is for strength. The increase of strength is brought about by an increase in the ability to accept destiny. Strength comes through humility and surrender to the ups and downs of life without complaint. For going with the flow.

Banana is a key for opening the heart chakra. Banana helps to unfold understanding and unconditional love. Our ability to feel into others is increased, but the aspect of unconditional love brings a warm sense of detachment. Banana brings forth compassion from the heart chakra.

Banana Passion Flower releases memories of hatred, cruelty, and vicious heartless acts. These memories were observed, they are not a part of one's true character. Banana Passion Flower increases the ability to observe these memories being erased from the consciousness. Very strong feelings will be released, yet the observer within is also being enhanced. This remedy promotes courage, understanding, and the ability to observe the release of very strong emotional scars.

Be-Still is for centering and calming. Be-Still added to any other remedy will mellow the emotional healing process. Be-Still is useful in any emergency or stressful situation. A compass to your center.

Bougainvillea promotes the growth of healthy relationships, both inner and outer. Bougainvillea lifts sadness and depression caused by early childhood trauma. The mixed messages, the confusion of inappropriate parental role models, the scars of abuse are all eased out by Bougainvillea. The scars of abuse from early years often lead to a deep seated confusion between the inner female and male polarity. This confusion results in uncoordination on the mental, emotional, physical planes of being. After the sadness and depression are lifted, a clear viewing of the damage to the inner male/female polarity are viewed. Many strong emotions will become conscious, centering around this damage. As these strong currents are being released into the stream of consciousness, an original phase of balance slowly comes into the personality. 

Cinquefoil deals with schizoid knots. The following is an example of a schizoid knot: Kathy's mother is really busy. The house is full of guests and many additional responsibilities are falling on her shoulders. Mom says, "Kathy, would you please help today and make your own bed? I would really appreciate this, and you would really be a good girl by helping me." Kathy runs with glee to the grown up task of making her own bed with anticipation toward pleasing her mom. With the task completed, Kathy stands beaming next to the made up bed. She is sure that her job is the best any four-year-old could do and also feels very happy and proud to help her mother in such a way. Kathy's mom comes into the room and sees the job Kathy has done. She says, "This is a mess; now look what you have done. I just have to do it over again myself. I already have so much to do and now this just adds to it." The schizoid knot has tied itself within Kathy's consciousness. There are numerous examples of these knots. Cinquefoil assists nature in untying these knots. Apparently, numerous schizoid knots with eventually lead to schizophrenia.

Coral Hibiscus assists nature in healing the child that has been dropped or abandoned. The child's needs have not been met by the parents. These exist within the consciousness as a sense of lack of fulfillment, a sense of hopeless abandonment. This early life experience may lead to addiction in later life. The substance of addiction plays the role of providing a false sense of support and bonding. Coral Hibiscus combines well with Agrimony from the Bach system for problems of addiction, death of a parent, divorce, adoption, or absent parent.

Creosote builds confidence and inner conviction around issues concerning healing - fear of illness, acute healing, chronic disease, fear of cancer, paralysis, fear of death. Creosote promotes the elimination of toxins, environmental poisonings, drug residues, etc. as well as the elimination of emotions which hold back the forces of healing such as worry and fear. Warning: never combine with Crap Apple or Yellow Ginger and never take while fasting, on a detox, or cleansing in any way.

Daisy balances conditions of the female reproductive system. Emotions which have not been dealt with fall to the pelvis, which provides a convenient place to bury them. Here they create imbalance in the female reproductive functions. Daisy awakens these emotions, resulting in greater balance. Take for all breast and vaginal pathologies.

Desert Willow is for spirited gaiety, joyfulness and mirth, the lightening of all levels of depression.

Ginseng increases receptivity to Divine Love. Ginseng flower (American) increases the flow of energy through the Nadis (etheric nervous system). This in turn helps increase balanced nervous system functions. The main emotional factor that seems to shut these systems down is deep-seated grief. This flower essence is good for those that cannot release tears. This gift from nature not only releases all aspects of grief, but assists in manifesting a balanced sense of nothingness which helps increase our receptivity to Divine Love. Grief is the elemental emotion of the ether element (throat chakra).

Glory Bush is for shock. This remedy is for the elimination of shock and the entire root system of emotions appended to shock. For people that have experience great levels of shock, start with Star of Bethlehem from the Bach system.

Hyacinth helps assist nature to stop or quiet the mental tendency toward suspicious thoughts about other people. The mind projects and worries about fantasies concerning people, coworkers, and one's abilities related to them. As a result of this mental activity, the person experiences a severe loss of energy which results in a lessening of all immune functions.

Hyssop assists nature in healing excessive admiration for or fascination with one's self. All levels of narcissism. Inability to form meaningful relationships due to being in love with the reflection of one's material image. Obsession with one's appearance.

Ilima Lei assists the inner feminine nature to establish normal, healthy boundaries.

Jasmine assists the soul in bringing new impulses into the mind. These new impulses will assist the individual in forming new ways of thinking and acting. Jasmine combines extremely well with all these remedies as well as the Bach system.

Mullein assists nature in controlling attachment to material objects.

Olive is for peace. Olive assists in resolving conflicts such as disputes and quarrels both within and without. Olive attunes us to peace and attracts contentment into the personality. This flower essence combined with Help, Ginseng, and Impatiens is useful for the relief of pain (physical, emotional, and mental).

Plumeria is Nature's potent sedative, inducing a deep level of relaxation. When the need to say, "I don't care, I just need to let go and relax" arises, Plumeria is a powerful aid to letting go and unwinding. This remedy addresses the stress and tension of modern life - insomnia, tight muscles, nerves strung like tight wires. Plumeria helps put life's demands into a proper, balanced prospective.

Red Passion Flower builds a bridge between the unconsciousness and the consciousness. Opens up communication with buried trauma and the consciousness. For understanding the symbols of dream states. This remedy is very important and useful.

Sacahuista promotes purging of the fire element - neutralization of false fire symptoms such as neck and shoulder tension, digestive disturbances, liver/gallbladder imbalances, loud voice, yelling, shouting, tight diaphragm, anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, hatred, envy, absence of joy, eyesight problems, red eyes, strained eyes, blurred vision, solar plexus disturbance, thigh problems, head imbalances, lack of energy, lethargy. The release of these fire frustrations brings a sense of calmness into the personality. This remedy increases clarity of insight by relaxing and tonifying all aspects of the fire element.

Sage assists nature in bringing out the predominately yang aspects of assertion, authority, and taking control. For example, your father or some other dominant male figure in childhood exhibited frequent fits of rage. Contact with this rage was terrifying. Within your own being a decision was made that qualities associated with the male (yang) will never be acknowledged. Sage helps foster an attitude of honor toward these yang expressions. Combines well with Bougainvillea, Ilima Lei, and Jasmine to assist male/female polarity balance.

Sandalwood Tree assists nature in the healing of damaged and disorganized pathways of energetic life force. Combines well with all of these flower remedies and the Bach system. Use in combination with Ginseng for all nervous system disorders.

Self Heal removes the masks covering our essential nature. Self Heal touches all of our most sensitive "buttons." Opens up those blocks that keep us away from our highest potential of healing. Caution: This flower essence is very deep acting. Do not use with Spider Lily please!

Sensitive Plant opens the closed. Assists the sensitive, closed up individual or those that are unable to feel comfortable within themselves and find the outside environment oppressive and invading. Sensitive plant is suited very well for those with environmental illness and allergies. When our sensitive nature is too acute, this remedy assists in bringing about a balance and allows us to function comfortably. Combines well with Ilima Lei and Yellow Spined Thistle.

Shooting Star effectively relieves embarrassment, a state of being thrown into self-consciousness.

Silversword deals with passion and love. Human life is created out of passion and love. The breath of God has gone forth and established the rhythm and duration of life's journey. Material thought views the formation of life when sperm fertilized the egg. Some people are born with an abundance of passion that was originally shared within the act of love as a procreative force. Others are conceived without passion, without the intense desire for producing a child. This person may feel life as passionless, without the spark of life as a mysterious journey toward understanding. Silversword assists nature in fostering the passion toward life that was absent during conception. Flat liners, no juice.

Spider Lily destroys the black widow energetic memory form. A portion of the unconscious is trapped within a complex web of feelings. Each strand of the web represents a feeling. The being is trapped within the center of this web like a helpless insect. This entire subconscious structure of the black widow spider energy becomes conscious. this is very painful. Spider Lily dismantles this entire thought form. This remedy is appropriate for males and females. Chronic physical body imbalances may represent the exact area where the black widow energy is attacking/killing the individual. The chronic physical body imbalance is attached via a web-like structure throughout the subtle bodies. Spider Lily assists in dismantling all levels of this deep-seated structure. The destruction of the black widow herself is not easy, nor is the assimilation of what this energy represents. Spider Lily offers tremendous healing power to accomplish this very deep level of healing. Do not use with Self Heal, please!

Tea Tree brings the soothing, comforting caress of Nature and the balm of gentleness. Nurture, like being held and rocked within the arms of Mother Nature.

Wild Ginger assists Nature in uniting the self-divided.

Wild Fuchsia is for attachment to issues regarding past fragmentation of the opposite polarity. The blockage is from the emotional/astral body to the sacral chakra to the 5th lumbar/sacrum junction. This attachment is an intense ball of pain on all these levels which decreases freedom of motion on all these levels. If male, the wounds to the female side have caused fragmentation. If female, the wounds to the male side have caused fragmentation. The wounds are of the nature of attachments, inappropriate memories of attachments, worry, confusion, a sense of being cut in half, non-integrated, distortions around sexuality. The healing of these past attachments results in a deeper inner relationship, an increased balance of polarity, a greater clarity of the female/male forces.

Wild Violet assists nature in eliminating hatred. Wild Violet will bring forth self-hatred if present.

Wind Orchid helps us to forgive and forget past darkness. Emotional and mental trauma lodges within the astral and mental bodies as dark energy forms. Wind Orchid allows the release of these darkened forms of thought and feelings. These dark forms come out of the inner bodies like sheets of blackened energy. The process of release is like the blowing of a gentle wind. Yet those dark patterns that are tenacious will cause some "negative" discharge into the personality. Ability to forgive and forget past darkness will increase. Energy in the physical, emotional, mental levels becomes more resilient. Wind Orchid precedes the use of Bougainvillea exceptionally well.

Yellow Ginger - Each cell has its own cell mind. Yellow Ginger erases (eliminates) the cell mind of hereditary poisons. Treats all known miasms, the root cause of all chronic diseases.

Yellow Spined Thistle assists nature in breaking chronic symptom patterns induced by a dominating, self-centered parental influence.

Ylang Ylang fosters an inner awakening of deep trust that life experiences are divinely guided by unconditional love and wisdom. Combines well with Ginseng & Banana to create what is known as the "Love Triad."

High Potency Remedies | 200c
Fig - Bewildered, confused. Simple mental tasks difficult to perform. Example: counting money over and over, and cannot get amount correct. Numbers are confusing. Anticipating feeling of doom. Something bad, or terrible is going to happen (impending doom). Sensation as if brain is bigger in the head or if the brain would completely fill head, then thinking would improve. Shortness of breath or sensation as if not being able to breathe deep enough is also common for Fig. Heart palpation, dizziness, spatial confusion, disorientation, befuddled mental state. There may be learning problems present. Fig promotes mental clarity.

Pink Rose brings forth a sense of gentleness towards the self and others. Helps to release memories of events in life's journey that were not gentle.

Poppy - A child looks out at the vastness of God, a humble beginning. Safe within the vastness of God, a drop. A feeling of bliss and the being enveloped in unconditional love. As one begins to think and grow into the bosom of "I-ness" the small is exchanged for the vast spaces of "I." Through the eyes of the egocentric everything is cloaked in anything but unconditional love. What happened to the small, safe, perfect drop? Poppy flower essence may offer an answer. This flower essence may be repeated periodically through the span of life.

Red Clover neutralizes any flower remedy and detoxifies the lymphatic system.

Rose of Sharon - Complete exhaustion. Deep feeling of fatigue. Thoughts seem slow. Feeling of thickened space within the head. Spaced-in. Lack of interest in life, work, interaction. Lack of interest in being involved with any person, event, project, etc. The energy is simply not there to deal with the course of life. "Leave me alone, I am so very, utterly exhausted." This state of mind is underneath anxiety. Anxiety requires energy. The more one suffers anxiety, the deeper the exhaustion. This remedy helps one to see the underlying state (of complete exhaustion) as a result of chronic anxiety. The exhaustion is so deep and vast that when accessed a person is simply unable to be anxious about the trivial events of life. Now the concern becomes: "I am so weak, so tired. How will I carry on with the demands of life?" Rose of Sharon helps teach the flow of life force. It Teaches the importance of the consequences energetically of becoming out of sync with the life energy. A relaxer and a friend in setting limits and boundaries. A builder of subtle confidence, but deep confidence. Life is flow. I am a part of that flow. Where is the need to be anxious or exhausted in a relaxed flow of life?

White Rose assists nature in repairing a broken heart. The heart may experience sharp, shooting pains. There may be a sensation on the heart being split in two pieces.

Combination Remedies
Help is a combination of flower essences useful for any emergency or stressful situation. We often need some extra help in life and this combination remedy offers just that - help to those that are unable to ask for or seek help in life. Contains Cherry Plum 12x, Clematis 12x, Impatiens 12x, Rock Rose 12x, Star of Bethlehem 12x, Be-Still 12x, Jasmine 20c, and Plumeria 6x.

Peaceful Help - Combines all flowers of Help with another combination remedy, Peace, which brings peace and encourages treating ourselves and others with respect/reverence. Contains Jasmine 20c, Olive 20c, Wild Indigo 20c, Tea Tree 20c, Cherry Plum 12x, Clematis 12x, Impatiens 12x, Rock Rose 12x, Star of Bethlehem 12x, Be-Still 12x, and Plumeria 6x.

Purification - Mental, emotional, physical, and lymphatic purification. Contains Papaya, Tuberose, Coconut Tree, and Lotus.

Travel Balance - Keeps one balanced during travel or restores balance post-travel. Contains the color vibrations of Magenta, Purple, Turquoise, and Indigo. 100c

Essence of the Desert | Mimi Kamp

Descriptions by Mimi Kamp

Sonoran Desert Series
Blue Palo Verde - Loss of soul. Dark night. Shame. Exhausted by addiction, failure, or long-time emotional pain. Holding on to negative perceptions and pessimistic or critical attitudes. Bright renewal, hope, and fresh enthusiasm.

Candy Barrel Cactus - Emotional calm and safety. Immediate shift away from mental, analytical preoccupations. A restful emptiness allows relaxation in times of great stress and a gentler resolution of emotionally challenging issues. Re-sensitizes a person exhausted and tense with battling, bringing awareness into the body, creating soft focus of eyes and mind. Facilitates listening, entrainment.

Chaparral - Cleansing. Clearing physical, emotional, and mental toxins. Opening and energizing a receptive space for new experience. Transformation. Inviting guidance or spiritual assistance.

Christmas Cholla - Unconsciously taking on energy patterns from others, a psychic sponge. Or, one's path entangled and impeded by feeling responsible for others. Clear boundaries on all levels. Finding a balance that keeps alive the purity, excitement, and direction of your soul's expression, your path, your work.

Fishhook Cactus - Co-dependence. Relationship addiction. Allowing abuse or merely giving up one's power, entrapped, stifled, afraid of hurting the other. Fickleness. A loving heart finds firm solutions, clear boundaries, true loyalty.

Hedgehog Cactus - Feeling awkward, self-conscious, inhibited, unworthy, outcast, moving through life with difficulty, struggling against the tide - the internalized mother and family weak or negative. Food addiction. Gives a deep sense of nurturance and belonging, security and support. Social ease and joy, playful and enthusiastic.

Ironwood - Weak, nervous, collapsed ego, mental fog, deep sadness, spiritual depletion. Physically and emotionally strengthened, mind cleared. A sensitive nature finds grounded strength, as well as a quietly ecstatic expansion of spirit. Feeling the divinity within. Empowered but gentle and humble. Grace.

Jojoba - Ease, comfort, softness, and simplicity in body, in relationship, in life. Grounded, present, and flowing. Escaping mental domination. Support through transition, change, or death. Surrender.

Jumping Cholla - Moving too fast or too superficially to feel deeply connected, afraid of losing the thread or failing to function to the full capacity of one's potential, fear that the mind cannot remember and hold all that you are, addicted to accomplishment, needing confirmation. Wearing a soft golden coat of warm protection around me, my soul and what is most precious in my being is held inviolable through time, through dangers and challenges. Still, inward, strong, enriched. Vision quest. Search for identity. Heart filled with a warm knowing. Trust in process, in spirit, in life.

Ocotillo - One's passion in life frustrated, blocked, or abused becomes a destructive impulse erupting in anger, aggression, jealousy, manipulation, complaining, blaming, demanding attention, or just too much talking. Or, the repression of such energy causing mental/emotional stagnation, low vitality, and poor self-esteem. Abuse issues. Sexuality and vital force. Deficient fire stimulated, and a negative or wasteful fire expression calmed, re-centered, and re-channeled into self-healing and creative manifestation. Quiet strength and self-confidence. Taking responsibility from a deep-rooted place. Boundary and protection.

Saguaro - Pessimism, victimhood, rebelliousness, mistrust, self-pity, unable to connect with one's core strength, purpose, or motivation. Separation, bitter loneliness, father abandonment. Feeling earth pain, human suffering, but putting energy into healing action and compassion instead of depression or withdrawal. Reaching for one's highest capabilities with loving dedication. Inwardly supported, clear, and self-assured. Male tenderness, vulnerability, tolerance, humility, dignity, and wisdom.

Sea of Cortez Series
Adam's Tree - Forgiveness. Sadness. Softening anger and judgment. Hidden aggression, resentment, wanting it to be bad for others, looking down on others, (rage at violation of boundaries). Letting go of the toxic part of anger but holding onto self-protection. A gentler ocotillo - loving life and people while keeping boundaries clear and intact. For the person who is 'too nice' and lets people use or walk on her. For the one who puts all hope in something, loses that, and is afraid to start over.

Boojum - Exhilaration of the stars touching deep earth body. Vibrant white light opens a perceptive door. Security in feeling self as part of much bigger energy; spiritual awareness in every cell of body. No fear. A loving bond with all beings, a vibrational social circle. Tenderness.

Cardon - Deeply supported by a huge being of immense heart and compassion. Ocean mother, ancient woman of the sea, priestess of salt, wise grandmother. The heart connection and support never goes away. Weakness, impotence (everything feels too hard, impossible, exhausting), separation, isolation, broken heart, deep sadness, trying but lost in hopelessness. Up against the wall - place where you can't access the power to defend or protect your own inner child. Feeling one has to prove worthiness to receive love. Holding on to beliefs which foster blindness and vulnerability and dull instinctive self-protective wisdom. Difficulty being in body. Commitment to flesh (and heart); embracing the vulnerability, pain and dignity of humanness, your spirit grows big and calm.

Elephant Tree - A nurturing protective inner space, soft rich golden light sanctuary (the inner sun, earth spirit) - that warms and feeds the soul and eliminates attack or psychic negativity from without, begins a very gentle process of clearing confusion, uncertainty or fear, opening inwardly to receive the food and direction of spirit. Safety, protection. Healing. Ceremony. Nurturing - a soothing balm.

Morning Glory Tree - An initiation to confront the paralyzing fear of death and disintegration. Rebirth, change, inner journey, reviewing fear-driven past choices, visioning, exploring the subconscious. Also helps those who have lost the will to live, feel used up, hopeless and without a supporting vision. Submerged by self-destructive avoidance habits, letting go of life, addiction. Renewal at points of transition.

Sangre de Drago - Initiates transformation. Flowing, dancing, joyful, effervescent, clean, feminine, flexible. Aliveness, spirit help, promise. Surrender to process - patience and confidence in the spontaneous nature of process and change, in its ongoing spiral nature. Relaxes preoccupation and the struggle of the mind to hold on and understand. Letting go of stuck habits and subliminal definitions of limitation, breaking lose. Reawakening to one's deeper passions - finding new and more meaningful direction. Quieting down the distracting addiction to having emotional ups and downs and nervous or destructive impulses as a way of expressing energy and vital force, and allowing spontaneous energy to bring you to new expressions. Unfolds the full feminine, feels protected and doesn't need to be defensive. Grace, beauty and lightness. Allows one to be in the middle of mundane debris and pressures, yet maintain some internal distance from it, staying present with the light spirit self. Feminine earth protection through the process. Dragon.

Trauma and Sexual Abuse Series
Bisbee Beehive Cactus - Releasing, on a cellular level, the physical/emotional guarding and negative memories of abuse. Feeling unclean, avoidance or disgust with body. Rigidity and tension often held in muscles relaxes. Restores gentleness, relaxation and self-appreciation, the ability to love and be intimate.

Chicura - Sexual power and dignity, strong boundary. Weakness and damaged self-image; unable to say 'no.' Inspired to heal by Earth Woman strength and spirit. Able to stand on one's own, assertive self-assured and fiercely protective of self or others when necessary. Held, strengthened and nurtured by a great heart.

Mala Mujer - Deeply relaxing to a hurt, resentful, and raging person, poisoned by one's own defensive venom, or merely tense and exhausted from relationship struggles and lack of nurturing. Finding within, the archetype of beautiful and sensitive femininity, sensuality and strong self-protective power. Nervous system calming helps with stress in general.

Sacred Datura - Used in many cultures for the darkest forms of abuse, attack, and possession. Usually associated with sexual energy, Datura is a sensual and psychic moon goddess with powerful protective capability. Also works internally to connect a person with one's own resources and power, restoring these as well as feminine grace after abuse has demolished many aspects of self-image and functionality.

Spanish Dagger Yucca - A person cut from self in the deepest place, in the private sanctuary within, the place of spirit, love and sacred sexual expression. Guarding, depression, withdrawal. Connection between body and spirit muddied or lost. Restores ability to feel the body and its divinity, its sexuality and intimacy with one's own being. Cleanses out dark preoccupations. Boundaries clear, inwardly connected and protected. No longer oppressed and isolated by trauma and vulnerability.

Wild Cotton - Restores feminine grace, purity and sensuality. Clearing collective as well as personal or family patterns of sexual distortion, trauma, abuse and power struggle. Confronting and redefining male-female patriarchal habits of behavior acted out between the sexes or between same-sex partners. Rejoins the blood mysteries with spirit, erasing perversions and false judgmental spirituality.