What is the Natural Lifestyle? 

I introduce the CATALYST for conscious seekers looking to adopt a more natural, cohesive lifestyle to deepen their health, intuition, their connection with their body, and with their surroundings.

Nature’s laws are SIMPLE, PROFOUND, and DEEP and enables CHANGE, HEALING and TRANSFORMATION, within and without.

We utilize the INNATE LAWS and PRINCIPLES of Nature to help you achieve deep healing, physically, mentally and emotionally. This enables the dormant consciousness within to emerge.

You have ended up here by PROVIDENCE to transition into your original state of CONSCIOUSNESS. This is a gift of Nature for ALL SEEKERS. You can either step into your natural alignment, or continue on in your current state.  

Making the choice to come into alignment, and taking the action steps necessary initiates the healing process.

It all starts when you adopt and implement the Conscious Natural Lifestyle. When you invest in yourself, you ACTIVATE the change within yourself, and consequently, the change you believe in, in the world.

So what does the process look like?

I work with my clients for 3 months (90 days) to help establish this Conscious Natural Lifestyle.

The main focus is for you to heal at a soul level. I will do a Soul-Deep Holistic Analysis from a single hair you will place in a plastic bag and/or envelope and label to send in to me. The purpose is to find - through dowsing - all deep and superficial imbalances and which natural treatment to implement to achieve the healing necessary for you to be brought back balance.

We implement 4 different diet changes, 3 of which are practical and can be integrated into your daily life, and one is a called the Purifying Diet, or the Vision Quest diet which we finish with for a final purging and an opportunity for you to connect deeply with yourself and the Great Spirit.

We practice daily a scientifically proven method of therapy that helps you overcome mental and emotional blocks - and as a positive side effect, intuition and empathy can be further developed.

You will be shifting your mental attitude, changing your diet, taking natural remedies and recieving instructions on a long list of natural regiments you can implement into your life to achieve deep internal cleanliness, physically, mentally and emotionally.

These are things like:

  • Proper breathing

  • Curative Gymnastics

  • Proper oral care

  • When and how to eat

  • When and how to use water for purifying

  • Etc.


Madana-Daha Dasa
Max R. Blackwell

Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner, Certified Core Lymphatics Practitioner, Reiki Master