Because you are sacred, your baby is sacred & your journey together is blessed


Inner Sun & Moon’s Sacred Moon Mother Courses are designed to provide you with the wisdom and tools you need to experience a sacred start to life with your new baby.

According to the tradition of Ayurveda, birth is an initiation every time a new child is born & the 42 days after birth determine the mother’s health & well-being for the next 42 years of her life.

We live in a society where a culture of post-birth mother and newborn care has practically been lost. As a result, we are seeing an epidemic of difficulties that the majority of mothers are facing — postpartum depression, anxiety, depletion, colic in baby, etc.

Societies where a culture of post-birth care is still intact do not see these same issues arising in their mothers to the same extent we do.

Mothers who receive the kind of nurturing support and nourishment they so dearly need after giving birth are able to move into motherhood feeling grounded, strong, replenished, deeply bonded with their baby & are able to lay the foundation of the next 42 years of health & well-being.

Sacred Moon Mother Courses

The following is a list of all Sacred Moon Mother Courses we currently offer. Courses are given live online throughout the year. Dates & prices are listed next to any classes that are currently set to happen within the next few months. More info will become available as dates for upcoming classes are set.

The Postpartum Sacred Window: Understanding the importance of the 42 days after birth & how to implement principles of Ayurvedic postpartum care into your sacred window

Ayurvedic Baby Massage: Learn how to give Ayurvedic baby massage to your baby or child with step by step, hands on instruction of this beautiful tradition

Sacred Newborn Care: Ayurvedic traditions for cleansing your baby’s skin, giving herbal baths & protecting baby’s aura

Ayurvedic Belly Wrapping For Mama: Learn how to make your own belly wrap cloths, how to wrap your belly in the Ayurvedic style, and why it is important to do so

Making Postpartum Herbal Bath Soaks & Sitz Baths: Learn the art of healing from birth with herbal & floral baths

Mama’s Abhyanga Spa Day: Learn the art of Ayurvedic warm oil self-massage & why it is a vital component of post-birth rejuvenation

Ayurvedic Herbs For New Mothers: Learn to use & prepare the most important herbal teas, ghees & snacks for optimal post-birth recovery

Ayurvedic Cooking For New Mothers: Learn what and how to eat during the 6 weeks after birth for glowing, grounded rejuvenation

Mama’s Flower Essence Set: Using flower essences to ease mama & baby’s transition through pregnancy, birth & postpartum

Mama’s Essential Oils Set: Using essential oils for mama & baby’s journey through pregnancy, birth & postpartum