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Are you destined for

Sacred Motherhood?

Are you carrying
a crystalline child of divine beauty
in your womb?

If your heart says YES, it’s time to prepare for your most sacred entrance into motherhood.

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Welcome divine mamma,

You are standing on the precipice of a great initiation. With each child you give birth to, you experience your own rebirth.

Your first 42 days as a new mother are a rare & sacred window in your life that alter the course of your next 42 years for better or worse.

You have a choice right now to rise into your divine potential or to be dragged down into the realm of struggle.

My work is a sacred invitation for you to come home to your highest truth as a mother, as you deepen your rebirth and transform with unparalleled beauty. My goal as a guide on your sacred motherhood journey is to help you navigate the chasms of early motherhood, leading you ever onward toward a lifetime of rejuvenation, calm, bliss & surrender.

I invite you to review my offers, read my interview with VIVAMA, and join me on Instagram & YouTube. Please introduce yourself — I can’t wait to ‘meet’ you.

Much love,


Birth is an

What will you make of it?

Birth is an initiation every time a new child is born. It changes you forever, mamma, as your heart reaches new depths of love and devotion. Early motherhood can hold some of the hardest, most exhausting & yet profoundly beautiful times of your life. Strangely, so much focus is given to preparing for labor and birth in this society, while the postpartum time goes practically unmentioned. Without the proper postpartum preparation, support & rejuvenation practices, early motherhood can become lonely and isolating, and so many common but not necessary post-birth ailments can come into play like postpartum depression, anxiety, depletion, and colic in your baby.


The Sacred

How will you move forward?

According to the ancient tradition of Ayurveda, the first 42 days after giving birth are considered a rare and sacred window in your life. During this sacred window, you have the opportunity to heal and rejuvenate deeply. So much restructuring has to take place in the body post-birth that you have the potential to heal things from before you were even pregnant. You can emerge into your new role as mother strong, radiant, calm, and grounded. You can be free of anxiety, depression, depletion, and colic in your baby. You can set the stage for 42 years of deeply beautiful family life and good health. Ayurveda holds the secrets to achieving this level of rejuvenation.

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The Ayurvedic
Care Set

The Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Set was created to lead you through your most sacred entrance into motherhood — an entrance that is worthy of the divine mamma goddess you are. This extremely special set contains all supplies, medicines, tools, and wisdom you need to help you achieve your deepest post-birth rejuvenation, complete with AyurDoula support sessions.


AyurDoula Care

In-home Ayurvedic postpartum doula care for families in Denver, Colorado

Get the best start possible to your new life as a mamma —


 Sarva Sarah Blackwell, AyurDoula

Sarva Sarah Blackwell, AyurDoula


What Is An Ayurdoula? You’ll Know— and Want One —After You Read This.


Did you have someone to create custom herb baths, give you massages and cook you healing meals after you gave birth? Me neither. After speaking to the lovely Sarah Blackwell (Sarva-mangala Devi Dasi) of Inner Sun & Moon about her work as an Ayurdoula I am convinced that every mother needs one.


Start with a Sacred Motherhood Breakthrough Session — on me!

You are a divine mamma goddess, and I am here to help you KNOW it. If you are ready to step into your sacred motherhood, I invite you to book your

During this complimentary 45-minute consultation, we will uncover blockages on your motherhood journey, create a clear & simple plan to get you where you want to be, and discover if we are soulmates meant to create mamahood magic together.


Who Is Sarva Anyway?


Sarva’s life work is in service to the mothers and children of the world; and she does so with deep heart, utilizing her extensive training in natural care techniques to help women thrive as they make the journey across the threshold into motherhood.

After more than a decade of nurturing mammas & babies as a nanny, natural therapist & Ayurvedic postpartum doula, Sarva is overjoyed to finally be a mother herself to a beautiful baby girl named Vīṇā Irie.

Sarva is a sensitive crystalline child, seer & artist. You can check out her art here or follow her art page on Instagram @allauspcious.

You may know Sarva as Sarah Blackwell. She took initiation into the Gaudiya Vaisnava spiritual lineage in July of 2018 & was given the name Sarva-mangala Devi Dasi which means the servant of the goddess of all auspiciousness.

She currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her sweet little family (Madana & Vīṇā).

Sarva-mangala Devi Dasi is Sarah Blackwell // Artist, Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist, Baby Massage Instructor & Flower Essence Practitioner


Sacred Mamma Secrets

These secrets could be total game changers for you, Mamma.