Madana and Sarva are absolutely phenomenal and I am blown away by their hearts and deep skill and knowledge. So grateful for this healing session! I will definitely be seeing these practitioners regularly.
— Jeannine, Oregon

This couple is truly gifted in their art. Their talent for therapeutic healing and core synchronization is a divine experience. I recommend their services to you with my whole heart.
— Scott, Oregon

What incredible people with such warm and loving touches. They truly work from the heart, creating a safe and trusting environment for healing to happen!
— Hannah, Oregon

I’ve received various treatments from both Sarva and Madana, and I highly recommend all aspects they are offering. Both of them seem to be doing what they’re meant for. I experience them both as highly attuned and gentle, naturally skilled and carefully trained.
— Vrinda-sundari, Colorado

Sarva and Madana are the most beautiful healers I have ever been lucky to know. They are my therapists, my gurus, and my guides. I guarantee that you can trust them to do the same for you and your family!
— Brenna, Missouri

I was lucky enough to have an Ayurvedic massage today by Sarva and it was wonderful! The massage was so soothing and relaxing and my skin and hair feels amazing after as well which is a huge plus! I am looking forward to more treatments and therapies at their beautiful space.
— Lauren, Colorado

Madana and Sarva are two such sweet warm hearted souls and put all their love and energy into their healings. I received a magical Ayurvedic hot oil massage from Sarva and experienced something so powerful beyond this plane!
— Diana, Colorado

Madana’s treatments are magical in that they feel seemless and subtle during the process, and yet are profound, transformative, and deep. His work has helped me slow down, see the bigger picture in life, diffuse anger and trauma, become more intrinsically motivated to take better care of myself, judge less and gain a more content outlook on my life.
— Allison, Colorado