we will never be the same

Our Story Of Awakening


Get cozy & tune in — we, Sarva and Madana of Inner Sun & Moon, are finally sharing our story of awakening.


In Episode 01 we, two serious seekers of Truth, have an auspicious twin flame meeting that results in the loss of life as we once knew it as well as the loss of most of our material possessions.

In Episode 02 we leave our former lives & selves behind and hit the open road. We are disappointed to see that every bit of the country holds a disturbing history & that it is nearly impossible to find open land to camp on because everything is owned.


In Episode 03 we stop at the Oregon Country Fair as we follow our hearts down the Oregon & Northern California coast looking for home. Sarva has the trip to end all trips, we meet the Redwood forest & get insight into the purpose of life.

Episode 04 brings us to a temporary home in Port Orford, Oregon where we find ourselves standing on a threshold of consciousness. In this episode we find our kitten, start practicing Bhakti yoga & asking for a Guru. Sarva takes the photos that become her art @allauspicious.


In Episode 05 our perception of reality continues to unfold as we begin to see a war between good & evil underlying all material creation. We see… reptilians?? We unsuccessfully search for a home in Ashland, Oregon; and yet, encounter God.

In Episode 06 we get married + get real disappointing news. We experience the final events that trigger our awakening & take a moment to share with our listeners what it’s like to be on the twin flame path.


In Episode 07 we seek to move to Arcata CA, but simply find ourselves homeless instead. We experience our egos cracking & our higher Selves return. The fires that see us through the rest of our awakening begin.


Chapter ViiI will be Dropping next Story Time Saturday, April 20th 2019


So Who are Sarva & Madana anyway?

Husband and wife team Madana and Sarva met in 2012 while attending the New Mexico School Of Natural Therapeutics. Inner Sun & Moon was born of their shared vision to assist humanity in bringing a golden age to Earth.

You may know them as Max & Sarah — on the full moon in July 2018 they accepted initiation into the Gaudiya Vaisnava spiritual lineage and were given the spiritual names Madana-daha Dasa (meaning: the servant of He who is enchanted by the beauty of Srimati Radharani) and Sarva-mangala Devi Dasi (meaning: the servant of the Goddess of All Auspiciousness) by their Gurudeva, His Holiness Kesava Bharati Dasa Goswami.

On the full moon in August 2018 Sarva gave birth to their firstborn child, a beautiful daughter named Vina Irie.

Sarva & Madana are both Natural Therapeutic Specialists, Herbalists & Flower Essence Practitioners. Madana is also a Core Synchronism Practitioner, Core Lymphatics Practitioner & Reiki Practitioner. Sarva is also an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula & Licensed Massage Therapist.