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we will never be the same


Our Story Of Awakening


Get cozy & tune in — we, Sarva and Madana of Inner Sun & Moon, are finally sharing our story of awakening and near death experience.

In Episode 01 we, two serious seekers of Truth, have an auspicious twin flame meeting that results in the loss of life as we once knew it as well as the loss of most of our material possessions.

In Episode 02 we leave our former lives & selves behind and hit the open road. We are disappointed to see that every bit of the country holds a disturbing history & that it is nearly impossible to find open land to camp on because everything is owned.

In Episode 03 we stop at the Oregon Country Fair as we follow our hearts down the Oregon & Northern California coast looking for home. Sarva has the trip to end all trips, we meet the Redwood forest & get insight into the purpose of life.


Chapter IV will be Dropping next Story Time Saturday, February 23rd 2019