Natural Therapeutics

astrology based plant medicine + nature therapy for the alchemy of your soul


This is a sacred offering created by Nature and delivered by Inner Sun & Moon to assist in realigning you with your Soul. Are you ready to purify your heart, and turn your aura gold? Are you ready to radically expand your consciousness, evolve deeply and beautifully on your spiritual path and naturally restore your vitality and radiance to your body + mind + emotions? Are you ready to reconnect with Great Spirit and Mother Earth to find your life purpose and path once again?

You will be held safe & supported on your journey to soul-level healing + soul evolution with a combination of the most beautiful natural therapies, plant spirit medicines & sacred body care practices known.


Natural therapeutics — nature therapy — at Inner Sun & Moon offers an assortment of lifestyle adjustments through simple recommendations such as fresh air and sunshine, an adequate amount of water for your particular body size, proper breathing, as well as Natural Medicament such as Spagyrics (alchemically prepared herbal essences), flower remedies, homeopathics, herbal teas, decoctions, tinctures, herbal oils, and bodywork such as Core Synchronism, Core Lymphatics, Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, TCM, Medical Qi Gong, reflexology, and so forth.

The Assessment Process

We start out with an extensive consultation to cover your past history of illness, medication, vitamins and supplements, accidents, current or past natural therapies, etc., to discover your symptoms, background, and optimal approach to healing. About a week or two of processing occurs as the practitioner goes over the intake notes, casts your personal Vedic Medical Astrology birth chart, and assesses your strand of hair via a dowsing method introduced by the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. An educated lifestyle adjustment recommendation is offered for you to follow while this information processes.

A follow up then occurs, where Natural Therapeutic medicament (such as clay, mustard bath, epsom salt, flower remedy, homeopathic remedy, essential oils, spagyrics, cell salts etc.), bodywork therapies (such as Core Synchronism, reflexology, Medical Qi Gong, etc.), dietary adjustments, etc., based on your personal needs are presented to you at varying rates for you to decide which trajectory you would like to take into your future.

Nature Therapy Offerings

INITIAL CONSULTATION | 2+ hour in-depth consultation (Includes Vedic Medical Astrology Assessment and the Soul Deep Vitality Assessment) | $350

FOLLOW UP | 30 minute to 1.5 hour follow up consultation that includes recommended natural medicament and/or bodywork treatments | $6 - $350 (depending on the type of natural medicament or treatment offered)

Core Synchronism Treatment | $120

Core Synchronism Bodywork Packages | TBD

Vedic Medical Astrology Assessment and Recommendations | $200

Soul Deep Vitality Assessment and Recommendations | $200


What is Nature Therapy?

Natural Therapeutics, or Nature Therapy, is the practice of natural therapies on the human organism to establish cleanliness within and without, as well as instructions to follow a Conscious Natural Lifestyle in accordance with Nature’s Laws as a means of establishing well-being, as well as an aid for those suffering acute and chronic illness to lead them on the right track towards health and longevity. Natural Therapeutics is an all-encompassing lifestyle shift toward a more conscious and natural way of life through changes in our thinking, breathing, eating, drinking, dressing, working and resting habits, as well as our spiritual, moral, and social conduct.

Vitalism – understanding that the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies of an individual are animated by a soul – plays a key role in the assessment, over-all action, and the natural therapies recommended to a person. When we understand that the physiological and psychological aspects of a living entity are animated by a soul, along with the few underlying principles of health and sickness known as God and Nature’s Laws, Natural Therapeutics then offers tremendous insight into the adjustments needed in the lifestyle of an individual for optimal health and well-being on all levels of their existence.

It is not a job of ours at Inner Sun & Moon to cure disease – but rather to assist and strengthen the natural healing mechanisms within our clientele through a variety of Natural Therapies as a supplement to your health regimen, or in conjunction with your primary healthcare provider.


why does nature therapy work?

God, the Source of everything spiritual and material, distributes individuated consciousness into every living entity. This constitutes our vital force, our soul, which emanates ultrasonic and radiant light waves animating our mental, astral, etheric and physical bodies at their relative frequencies. These bodies function properly when they live in accordance with Nature, as well as God’s laws. With the exception of injury, accidents, and surroundings uncongenial to human life, the violation of these laws in thinking, breathing, eating, drinking, dressing, working, resting, as well as  spiritual, moral, and social conduct results in acute and chronic illness due to an impediment in the flow of vital force to a local, or pervading area in one or more of these bodies. It is therefore a simple lifestyle adjustment (in conjunction with an implementation of a personalized regimen of one or more of a wide variety of natural therapies) in one or more of the above-mentioned categories that can re-establish the proper flow of vital force throughout the body, ensuring proper distribution of life-force and functionality to assist nature in re-establishing health back into the entire human organism.