Blissful Mama, Beautiful Babe | The Postpartum Care Collection


Blissful Mama, Beautiful Babe | The Postpartum Care Collection

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For Mama & Baby’s Deepest Post-Birth Rejuvenation — Ayurvedic postpartum supply and care kits delivered to your door

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Mama's Postpartum Supply Kit


A box of organic & handcrafted Ayurvedic medicines and supplies to bring soothing support and optimal post birth recovery for all the brave, strong and beautiful new mamas out there, containing >>

6 week supply of fennel/fenugreek sweetwater lactation tea blend
6 week supply of dashamula cell regeneration tea powder
4 week supply of shatavari hormone balancing herb powder
3 day supply of guduchi mastitis preventative herb powder
1 oz arnica homeopathic tincture to heal tissue damage and soreness
1 oz engorgement ease homeopathic tincture to ease engorgement when breast milk comes in
4 oz Banyan Botanicals’ breast care balm for breast massage and clearing milk channels
4 oz rose water mist for uplifting mood and blooming into motherhood
1 oz peaceful help flower essence for emotional support
80 oz new mama herbal massage oil; contains sesame oil, sunflower oil, rose, brahmi, ashwaganda, bala, clary sage, geranium, and lavender
18 baths worth of medicinal herbal bath soaks for full body soaking (can also be used as sitz baths); contains lavender, rose, ashoka bark, dashamula, lemon balm, chamomile, witch hazel, yarrow, skullcap, passionflower, and uva ursi
16 oz of luxurious bath salts
8 oz skin glow herbal sugar scrub
1 hot water bag (Fomentek brand) for easing pain/cramps in belly and back
1 traditional muslin belly wrap cloth for daily belly wrapping measuring 10 inches wide by 18 feet long


Postpartum Guide Booklet >> Explains simply the recommended Ayurvedic postpartum care regimen that helps bring an entrance into motherhood free from anxiety, depression, a colicky baby, etc; and details how to use all the medicine and supplies in your postpartum care kit

Postpartum Pantry Checklist >> A shopping list for ideas on perfectly stocking your postpartum kitchen with foods recommended by Ayurveda for optimal post birth healing + a few sweet recipes to share with the friends and family who want to cook for you

Postpartum Calendar + Planner >> A planning worksheet + simple schedule to hang on your refrigerator for ease in creating and implementing your sacred fourth trimester

Baby's Natural Care Kit


Sweet handcrafted & organic baby care supplies worthy of even the most magical and delicate of babies >>

16 oz of a custom-made baby herbal massage oil
10 baths worth of soothing oatmeal bath powder
3 oz frankincense hydrosol + 3 oz rosewood hydrosol sprays which are protective to baby's auric field
1 oz custom new baby flower essence blend to ease baby's transition Earthside
4 oz lavender chamomile herbal diaper powder


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We currently ship everywhere in the United States via USPS Priority Mail for a flat rate of $20. (Please contact Sarah if you would like international shipping & she will send you an invoice for updated shipping costs.)

Please expect 2 weeks for your package to be specially handcrafted for you before being shipped.


It is your responsibility to make sure that everything contained in your postpartum package is safe for both you and your baby to use - by any means necessary including doing a small skin test patch on both you and baby before using any item contained in your package & confirming with your doctor that all herbs contained within are not contraindicated for you personally.

All information provided by Sarah Blackwell and Inner Sun & Moon is never intended to replace the recommendations of your doctor.

All sales are final.