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The Ayurvedic Postpartum Collection

for mother & baby's best start to life

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Kit
Delivery Service + Distance Support Sessions

includes --

M E D I C I N E  B O X

sweetwater lactation tea
cell regeneration tea
engorgement ease homeopathic
peaceful help flower essence
panchakola ghee*
hormone balancing herb
brahmi rose mama massage oil
bala chamomile baby massage oil
medicinal bath soaks
2 hot water bags
& muslin belly wrap cloth


Ayurvedic postpartum guide
with how to's and recipes

O N E - T O - O N E  S U P P O R T

by phone or Skype

40 minute initial orientation

weekly 20 minute check ins
and troubleshooting


all Medicine Box supplies are organic & handcrafted in small batches
* panchakola ghee is currently only available to Colorado residents

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Medicine Box + Booklet $330
Medicine Box + Booklet + One-to-One Support $730