Inner Sun and Moon's
Health at a Spiritual Basis Course

A step-by-step guide to achieving health and vitality at the soul level

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Take Health Into Your

Own Hands!

This program is based on Nature Cure principles and Vedic wisdom, which have withstood the test of time since time immemorial! This information has been around for over 5000 years, and still helps people on a daily basis! 


Health at a Spiritual Basis Course Rundown

Answering the 4 main Questions of a Luminary

Health at a spiritual basis is designed to solve many of the physical and spiritual problems thousands of people are facing across the globe! (or is it a plane? 🤔)


  • how do I clean my inner physical system? (physical, mental, emotional hygienics)
  • How do I clean my outer physical system? (external body/environmental hygienics)
  • How do I clean my inner spiritual system? (what to implement into your spiritual practice)
  • How do I clean my outer spiritual system? (what to avoid that is detrimental to spiritual advancement)

If you'd like to learn the answer to these questions, join the brand new, ever growing community of luminaries on the path who have joined together to make a stronger commitment to their physical and spiritual well-being


More Information

FREE intro video - introduces the luminary to the concepts of Nature Cure and gives a brief run-down of the holistic model of the Holistic Human Organism. 

Health at a Spiritual Basis Course - An in-depth expansion of Nature Cure philosophy, an in-depth run-down of the holistic model of the holistic human organism, an explanation of our biological terrain and how disease is manifested within the body through proven scientific observation, and a number of simple yet effective Nature Cure practices to help you shine like the luminary that you are!

Comprehensive Hair Analysis - an in-depth, several page emailed analysis of your health and well being, along with a synergistic treatment tailored just for you, to help bring you to your highest health, and highest Self. 

In-Person treatments - My in person treatments consist mainly of Core Synchronism, a deep form of hand medicine (bodywork) that realigns and adjusts all physical and etheric structures within the body to bring about physical, mental and emotional release, and helps establish a more proper alignment with the consciousness emanating from within ones soul. to learn more click here. 
(YouTube playlist answering; What is Core Synchronism?)