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Join the handmade revolution

This training is not for just anyone. It's for the ones who are done playing around. The ones who have fallen and are ready to get back up. The ones who believe THIS is their moment. The biggest dreamers. Are you ready for it?

Hi beautiful soul

Here’s the link to the FREE handmade product line formula training I was telling you about:

The training is put on by Renae Christine. I have partnered with her to share it with you because it—along with other trainings by Renae—has forever changed my and my family’s life in all the BEST ways. May it help you too.

Much love,

PS - This is us (Madana, Sarva, and our baby Vina)


PPS - And THIS is the product line we were able to get out into the world thanks to Renae’s expert handmade product line guidance. Can’t wait to see what you create!