ayurvedic postpartum care

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—Training & Mentorship—


A one-to-one training & mentorship to become certified as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist while blooming into the vision you have for your business.

The one-to-one structure allows us to flow — to start wherever you are now and to go as deep as you want to go into the areas you wish to specialize as we train you to be an Ayurvedic postpartum doula and set up your business together.


The training & mentorship happens in two parts.

Wise Woman: Ayurvedic Postpartum Care
Part One | Entry


Program structure—

8 week program

16 1-hour one-to-one sessions scheduled at 2 hours weekly, given in-person or long distance

weekly hands-on assignments

ask me questions as needed throughout the week while working through hands-on assignments


You will learn—

What is the postpartum Sacred Window?

How to honor it through the Ayurvedic tradition

The 4 pillars of optimal post-birth recovery

The principles of postpartum rest, mama & baby bonding & how to properly support it

The principles of the Ayurvedic postnatal diet, recommended recipes, how to properly prepare them & how to expertly make ghee

The principles of Ayurvedic postnatal body care, Ayurvedic belly wrapping, basic Ayurvedic massage, how to make cured oil, how to choose herbal oils for massage & how to prepare herbal bath soaks & sitz baths

The most important Ayurvedic herbs, flower remedies & essential oils for post-birth recovery and how to properly prepare & use them

The principles of Ayurvedic newborn care, how to give & teach Ayurvedic baby massage, how to choose baby massage oils & how to bathe and make herbal baths for baby

How to prevent & troubleshoot common postnatal ailments like colic in baby, lactation supply issues, mastitis, anxiety & depression

Ayurvedic cesarean incision care

Contraindications & precautions

The calendar of postpartum care — when to do what

Assistance getting your practice going, determining your scope of practice & creating a referral list


You will receive —

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist: Entry Level Certification

upon completion of Part 1 + passing examinations

Wise Woman: Ayurvedic Postpartum Care
Part Two | Advanced


Program structure—

Each course is offered individually throughout the year

Courses are taught in a small group setting

Local to Denver CO & long distance courses available



Advanced Herbal Medicine Making For Mamas: Deeper Ayurvedic herbal preparations & therapies, making herbal oils & ghees the Ayurvedic way, making herbal oils the western herbalist way, and medicine making with the moon

Essential Oils For Birthworkers: Create an essential oil toolkit and learn how to use it for all phases of pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum

Flower Essences For Birthworkers: Create a flower essence toolkit and learn how to use it for all phases of pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum

Ayurvedic Birth Preparation: The traditional Ayurvedic way to prepare for birth

Sacred Beginnings: Ayurvedic traditions for the first moments of baby’s life + ceremonies for special moments in baby’s first year

Mama Marma Therapy: Using gentle marma point therapy to instill deep peace & relaxation for mama

New Mother’s Ayurvedic Massage: The art of abhyanga warm oil massage for new mothers (This course is designed for licensed massage therapists & Ayurvedic practitioners who practice Abhyanga)

Ayurvedic Oil Pouring: The art of warm herbal oil application to care for the postpartum body (This course is designed to replace the above course for anyone who is not a licensed massage therapist)

Ayurvedic Baby Massage—Instructor Certification Course

Your Birthwork Business: Deeper considerations for a flourishing birthwork business


You will receive —

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist: Advanced Certification

upon completion of Part 2 + passing examinations


Membership in the private Wise Woman group to connect with other students, ask more questions & receive further support as you get your postpartum care practice going

Receive promotion as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist on Inner Sun & Moon’s Instagram account & be recommended by Sarva to the mothers in your area

All students receive free entry into any of our Sacred Moon Mother Courses designed for mamas preparing for their postpartum time

Referral program— receive compensation of 35% of the price of any Sacred Moon Mother Course that you refer and help to enroll a mama in


$1997 paid in full

or 4 monthly payments of $527

Payments accepted by Cash app or Venmo


Very limited spots available & filling quickly—