The ancient system of health and wellbeing called Ayurveda considers the 42 days after giving birth to be a sacred window in a woman’s life that will impact her ability to mother & partner for the next 42 years. During this sacred window, it is important for the new mother to be “mothered” herself so that she is able to fully recover from pregnancy and birth and so that she is free to fully focus on caring for her newborn.

Women who receive proper support, care, and nutrition during the 42 days after birth are able to avoid so many common ailments like postpartum depression and a colicky baby. In keeping with many postnatal traditions around the world, Ayurveda recommends ample rest, daily warm oil massages, and specific meals + herbal preparations for the optimal recovery after birth. This results in a lifetime of health and happiness.

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Give the gift of nourishing Ayurvedic postpartum care to someone you love...

Your personalized postpartum care may include the following services during your 6-8 week postpartum sacred window.

  • Deeply soothing mother's warm oil massages
  • Healing floral + herbal baths
  • Traditional belly wrapping
  • Nourishing meals & menu planning
  • Beneficial herbals for lactation, digestion, and rejuvenation
  • Ayurvedic infant massage instruction
  • Newborn & mama core synchronism (cranial sacral + polarity therapy)
  • Marma point therapy for deep relaxation
  • Mama & baby self-care guidance
  • Family transitioning support
  • Flower essences for mama, newborn, or other family members
  • Herbal medicated ghees, tinctures, homeopathics, and other natural remedies as needed

Postpartum services are offered in-home during your 6-8 week sacred window after birth. Further services are available in our office at a lesser rate to continue nourishing yourself beyond the postpartum time.

Pricing & Packages


Ayurvedic Doula Care | Essential Package

  • 5 days of nourishing postpartum meal preparation
  • The Essentials Herbal package (see below)
  • 10 Ayurvedic postpartum massages with belly wrapping and herbal baths
  • 1 newborn core synchronism session
  • 1 mama core synchronism session
  • Infant massage instruction
  • Self-massage instruction
  • 16 oz of Ayurvedic massage oil, 2 belly wrap cloths, & 2 hot water bags

Core Synchronism sessions are with Max, everything else is with Sarah

Ayurvedic Doula Care | Royal Package

  • 5 days of nourishing postpartum meal preparation
  • The Complete Herbal package (see below)
  • 20 Ayurvedic postpartum massages with belly wrapping and herbal baths
  • 1 newborn core synchronism session
  • 1 mama core synchronism session
  • 1 core synchronism session for partner or support person
  • Infant massage instruction
  • Self-massage instruction
  • 24 oz of Ayurvedic massage oil, 3 belly wrap cloths, & 2 hot water bags

Core synchronism sessions are with Max, everything else is with Sarah

The Essentials Herbal Package

A package of the most essential Ayurvedic herbs for healing after birth - with instructions - delivered to your door before your labor begins. Includes: peace formula flower essence for healing birth trauma, phytolacca homeopathic to ease engorgement when milk is coming in, traditional panchakola ghee to restart digestive fire and prevent colic, and a 6-week supply of both dashamula womb healing tea & sweetwater lactation tea.

The Complete Herbal Package

All of the Ayurvedic herbal preparations recommended for complete postpartum healing delivered to your door weekly. Includes everything in the essentials herbal package above, plus: digestive chewing herbs, garlic chutney for lactation support and preventing infection, and a variety of shatavari herbal snacks for hormone/emotional balance and breast/breastmilk rejuvenation.
$380 | 6 week supply

Nourishing Meal Preparation

5 days of deeply nourishing in-home meal preparation utilizing traditional Ayurvedic postpartum recipes for optimal healing after birth. Comes with your choice of the essentials herbal or complete herbal package. Cost of groceries included.
Cooking done by both Max & Sarah
$860 | with essentials herbal package
$1180 | with complete herbal package


Ayurvedic Postpartum Massage

A postpartum massage and spa treatment that promotes deep healing after birth. Includes a heat treatment, belly wrapping with a muslin cloth, & an herbal bath soak.
With Sarah
$140 | 2 hour home visit
$1200 | package of 10
$2200 | package of 20

Ayurvedic Infant Massage

Personalized instruction on the traditional & beautiful art of Ayurvedic baby massage
With Sarah
$20 | per person group classes
$40 | in-office private session
$55 | home visit

Core Synchronism for Newborns

A gentle, effective assessment and treatment that helps address any challenges that have arisen after birth and assists in the healing of any birth trauma
With Max
$45 | 45 minutes
$55 | home or hospital visit

Mama Flower Essence Session

A flower essence consultation & custom new mama blend
With Sarah
$55 | 1 hour

Newborn Flower Essence Session

Ease your newborn's transition Earthside; custom-made before or after birth
With Sarah
$25 | 30 minutes



Bala massage oil
Brahmi massage oil
Basti bags & instruction
Homemade ghee
Panchakola ghee
Belly wrap cloths
Breast care balm
Herbal bath soaks
Hot water bags (Fomentek brand)
Guduchi herb
Dashamula herb
Shatavari herb
Ashoka herb
Sweetwater lactation tea
Phytolacca homeopathic
Flower Essences for birth trauma

Prices vary based on what discounts we are able to get, so please check in on individual items as interested!