Transformative Healing Apprenticeship

For shamans, alchemists, druids, and all other types of healers who want to expand upon and take what they know to the next level --

I believe we can leave our body at will and return in a moment’s notice. I believe we aren’t these bio-mechanical body suits; we are something greater and transcendental even to these material elements we exist in every day. I believe we can transmute our past traumas, our past pains and misunderstandings with the light of our awareness and our devotion to a Higher Source. I believe we can achieve liberation from material bondage in just one lifetime, depending upon our will power, our devotion and our surrender for control of the material elements, allowing this Higher Authority to take control for us.

Here at Inner Sun & Moon we believe in quality. Quality products, quality treatments, quality information, etc. I believe in it so much, I want to share what I’ve learned over the past 8 years with you so that you, too, can have a succinct and quality healing practice with deep results.

with Max of Inner Sun & Moon

When: June 23rd - August 11th
for 8 consecutive Saturdays
2:30pm - 5pm

Location: 1235 Dexter St, Denver CO
time in the mountains

Price: $900
or 8 weekly installments of $120

limited space available

or text (720) 541-5101 to register

We will be covering philosophy and practice of bodywork/lightwork treatments and some of the tools necessary to bring our healing practices to the next level, along with:

Focusing Practice
Elemental Herbalism
Elemental Psychology
Flower Essences
Essential Oils
Windows of the Sky
Polarity Therapy Concepts
Energy Handholds
Working with Allies
Developing Intuition
Dowsing Tools
The Complete Model of the Living Entity
Guided Meditation to Receive/Meet Guides and Allies

Each student will be attuned into a transcendental healing modality called Krsna Prana and will receive a certification upon graduation.