White Lilac + Jasmine Body Oil with Green Fluorite

White Lilac + Jasmine Body Oil with Green Fluorite


White Lilac, Jasmine & Green Fluorite Crystal

Crystalline Body Oil

1.25 fl oz | 36.97 ml

A heavenly infusion of fresh white lilac flowers & true jasmine absolute made under the moonlit sky, this oil is extremely magical—lending its user the ability to see and form a spiritual connection with the plant devas.

This is also an extremely beautiful skin oil that is softening, nourishing, and repairing to the skin in addition to its magical properties.

The white lilac fresh flower infusion was made in olive oil as an offering to the Queen of all Lilacs. Olive oil is the favorite oil of the plant devas, who will come drink from it as the night rolls on and the oil brews. The extreme magical potency of this oil is derived from this.

Brings purity of heart, innocence, femininity, new beginnings, a connection with the fae kingdom & the feminine Divine.

The flower essence formula contained within this blend—African Tulip Tree, Coral Hibiscus, Tea Tree & Jasmine—works to heal feelings of abandonment of any variety or level that have occurred throughout your life.

The pale green fluorite octahedron resting within each vial creates a high vibrational crystalline vortex that raises your body’s vibratory rate & repairs damage to your aura or any crystalline structures within your energetic field.

The energy of green fluorite steeped deeply into this oil further enhances any otherworldly sight & insight developed from the use of this oil.

Use: Massage into face & body before a bath or after a shower.

Ingredients: Organic Almond Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Fresh Lilac Flower Infusion, Jasmine Absolute and Flower Essences of Coral Hibiscus, African Tulip Tree, Jasmine & Tea Tree with Green Fluorite

Arrives in a 10 dram clear glass vial painted in gold with the Sanskrit name of the Divine Radha. ♥︎ One beautiful pale green fluorite octahedron rests in each vial.

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