Tincture Of Heart Light

Tincture Of Heart Light


Rose Cacao Heart Opener

Rose, Hawthorn, Cacao Tincture + Banana Flower Essence / A Key To Opening The Heart Chakra

  • 1 oz

  • Clear glass dropper bottle

  • Contains Theobroma Cacao 25:1 extract

  • Sweet like honey, roses & chocolate

  • Imprinted with the energetic pattern of the perfected soul heart

The Experience —

  • Melt the shield around your heart blocking you from unconditional love & connection

  • Increase your devotion & bring joy to your mood on your spiritual path

  • Increase the vibratory rate emanating from the double-taurus shaped bio-electromagnetic frequency emanating from your heart center

Use // Enjoy 1 to 3 dropperfuls, 1 to 3 times a day.

Contains // Brandy, Rose, Hawthorn Leaf & Berry, Theobroma Cacao, Banana Flower Essence, Raw Honey, Raw Cane Sugar, Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil

Please Note: The images pictured here are of the hawthorn-rose tincture before cacao is added. Cacao extract will be blended into your tincture when you place your order, for optimal freshness. The cacao extract will give a beautiful rich milky chocolate color to your tincture.

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