The Tincture Of Dreams

The Tincture Of Dreams



Dreamwork Ally Blend

1 fl oz | 29.57 ml

A blend of potent herbal dream allies + peace formula that tastes of floral marigold, earthy mugwort & sweet raw honey. 

Assists the practice of lucid dreaming & in accessing more vivid dream states; helps you get in touch with your subconscious; and helps you continue your spiritual practices in the dream state.

Use: Take 3 drops to 1 dropperful, 2-3 hours before bed. For best results, take an additional 3-9 drops right before falling asleep.

Ingredients: Vodka, Raw Honey, Dream Herb, Mugwort, Mexican Tarraon, Clary Sage, Red Rose, Sinicuichi, Flower and Gem Essences of: Red Passion Flower, Jasmine, Tea Tree, Olive, Wild Indigo & Kyanite

Arrives in a 1 oz amber glass dropper bottle with the Sanskrit name of the Divine Mother Goddess, Sri Radha, painted in gold.

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