Sage Aura Polish

Sage Aura Polish

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Sea Salt - Sugar - White Pumice - Clay - Gold + Essences of Gems & Rainbows

  • 4 oz & 8 oz sizes available

  • Clear glass screw top jar

  • Gorgeous combo of purple sage flowers, pale green sage leaves, white pumice, green clay & flecks of 24k gold leaf

  • Gentle & refreshing scent of Sage

  • Herkimer Diamond + Druzy Quartz Geode gem essences

  • Rainbow, Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether energetics

The Experience —

  • Cleanse the aura of stagnant and unwanted energies

  • Receive auric, pranic & astral protection

  • Feel renewed and invigorated

  • Smooth, soften, & exfoliate your skin

Use // Gently massage into skin before bathing. Take it to the next level by giving yourself a full warm oil body massage with Copacetic or Faerie Roots before polishing with Sage Aura Polish.

Contains // Organic Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Sea Salt, White Pumice, French Green Clay, Sage Flowers, Sage Leaves, Sage Essential Oil, 24k Gold Leaf, Infused with Gem Essences of: Herkimer Diamond & Druzy Quartz Geode + Environmental Essence of: Rainbow

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