Sacred Blue Lily Of The Nile

Sacred Blue Lily Of The Nile

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Sacred Blue Lily Essential Oil + Northern Lights Vibrational Essence

  • 2.5 ml

  • Clear glass anointing oil bottle

  • Beautiful, serene fragrance like lily flowers

The Experience —

  • Add a subtle (and increasingly growing) lucidity to waking life, as well as lucidity to dream states and dream work

  • Clear blocked, stagnant and disharmonious patterns stuck in the nervous system and nadis (the etheric nervous system)

  • Sink deeply into trance states and bring forth visionary insights

  • Tonify your Shen by becoming more & more aligned with your true purpose in life (Shen can be seen as the light that sparkles in your eyes when you are on your right path)

Use // Activate consciousness expanding points on the body by anointing yourself throughout the day with this sacred oil.

Contains // Organic Sunflower Oil, Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile (Nymphaea Caerulea) Essential Oil, Northern Lights Environmental Essence

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