Bridge To Higher Realms

Bridge To Higher Realms



Immortelle & Rosemary Hydrosol + White Orchid & Red Passion Flower

  • 1 oz

  • Clear glass dropper bottle

  • Potent, mystic, other-worldy formula

The Experience —

  • Bridge your subconscious to your conscious mind

  • Open your ability to communicate with Angelic realms

  • Deepen meditation, chanting, and vision quests

  • Enhance receptivity & mental clarity

Use // Elevate a glass of water or kombucha by adding 3 drops to it. Anoint your third eye, temples, heart, or crown chakra with 1-3 drops.

Contains // Immortelle Hydrosol, Rosemary Hydrosol, Infused with the Essences of White Orchid, Red Passion Flower, and Jasmine

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