Bridge To Higher Realms

Bridge To Higher Realms



Mystic Journey Essence

2 fl oz | 59.15 ml

A potent, mystic, other-worldy formula that bridges your subconscious to your conscious mind; opens your ability to communicate with Angelic realms; deepens meditation, chanting, and vision quests; and enhances receptivity & mental clarity.

Use: Spray into aura or your meditation or dreaming zone to create a bridge to higher realms. You may also spray & massage into scalp for natural scalp health benefits while sanctifying the antennae of your hair to contact higher planes.

Ingredients: Immortelle Hydrosol, Rosemary Hydrosol, Flower Essences of: White Orchid, Red Passion Flower & Jasmine

Arrives in a 2 oz clear glass spray bottle painted in gold with the Sanskrit name of the Divine Krishna.

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